Project Vision

AVUB’s vision is to embrace Industry 4.0 approaches and become a data driven business with the aim of developing innovative ways of collecting and using data intelligently to improve business performance, decision making and growth.

Some of the strategic challenges addressed by this project include:

EFFICIENCY SAVINGS: To address challenges in relation to tracking the completion status of construction projects, project progression, the allocation of materials to individual projects, monitoring costs and control of labour. By improving efficiency the business can reduce its costs and improve its competitiveness.

ORGANISATIONAL TRANSFORMATION: To support construction professionals to embrace new technology with confidence. Upskilling engineers will retain good quality craftsmen within AVUB, allowing them to move up into site supervision and management positions.

INCREASED MARKET SHARE: AVUB want to use advanced data science and business intelligence techniques to make informed decisions, commit to new projects, diversify, plan future investments with confidence and grow its business.